FLARM Update

FLARM Mandatory Firmware Update

The scheduled and mandatory firmware update (version 6) has been released. The update is required for all FLARM-compatible designs. This includes Classic FLARM, PowerFLARM and FLARM manufactured by LXNAV, LX Navigation, Garrecht/Butterfly/AIR Avionics, Triadis, Ediatec, Flytec/Bräuniger, OzFlarm and others. All devices must be updated before the next flight!
The update is available now on http://flarm.com/support/firmware-updates/ at no cost. We also recommend an update to the obstacle database as data changes frequently.
If the update is not applied, the device will stop to operate after March 31, 2015 and display an error code or message.
More information is available in the full press release.

New FLARM Configurator online

We have developed a new web-based configuration tool for all PowerFLARM and Classic FLARM devices. It’s now possible to effortlessly configure your device. The new tool contains all the latest configuration options. After selecting the desired options, the configuration file is instantly sent to your email address.

The new Configurator can be accessed on www.flarm.com under Support / Tools & Software.

Updated: 25th March 2015 — 7:23 pm