The Irish Gliding and Soaring Association

EI-GLA (EI-150) landingGliding Operations

The IGSA, through its Operational Regulations, regulates Gliding Operations. The Operational Regulations incorporate the Statuary Instruments and cover all aspects of Gliding Operations in Republic of Ireland.


The IGSA provides maintenance  and airworthiness review services for gliders in Ireland in conjunction with the IAA.

Since 28th March 2007 all Irish Gliders were registered with the IAA.

From 28th September 2009 all Gliders have been subject to the EASA Part-M Maintenance except for ‘Annex II’ gliders.

On the 2nd March 2010, the IGSA received EASA Part-M Subpart-F and Subpart-G approvals from the IAA.

On 28th September 2020, the IGSA received EASA PART-CAO approvals for Maintenance with Airworthiness Review privileges from the IAA.

Glider Pilot Training Standards

In the past the IGSA set glider pilot and instructor training standards but this role has ceased once PART-SFCL came into effect.

From 8th April 2020 the EASA PART-SFCL (Sailplane Flight Crew Licensing) regulations are in effect. A one year transition period until the 8th April 2021 allowed pilots to fly under existing IGSA Bronze certificates and IGSA Instructor ratings. Since 8th April 2021, all pilots operate under PART- SFCL.

Instructor Ratings

Prior to SFCL, the IGSA set the syllabus for Instructor training and granted Instructor ratings and renewals. Under SFCL the syllabus defined in the Acceptable Means of Compliance and the IAA will grant PART-SFCL FI(S) instructor ratings. The IGSA maintains additional instructor categories.


Pilots represent Ireland at European and World Championships and also compete in other competitions mostly in the UK and Spain. A National Ladder is also run annually, based on the OLC.

For more information see the Cross Country flying and Competitions pages.


The IGSA is working closely with the IAA particularly with regard to Airworthiness issues.

The IGSA has been dealing with EASA matters in a number for fronts;

  • Registration of Gliders starting in early 2007
  • Maintaining links with the European Gliding Union¬†and monitoring the progress of EASA.
  • Pilot Licensing which came into effect on 8th April 2020.
  • Scheme for converting existing IGSA gliding certificates and ratings to SFCL.
  • Airworthiness and Part-M, PART-ML and PART-CAO