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New Registration

Registering a Glider

  • Apply for registration by completing an IAA AWSD.F.300A
  • Submit the form to the IAA who will allocate a registration identity (IE- or EJ – )
  • Complete the procedure below for Initial C of A
  • Registration Fee 70 Euro (Sept 2015 – check IAA for confirmation)

Change of Ownership

  • Complete an IAA AWSD.F.300A noting the Change of Ownership box.
  • Submit the form to the IAA with a covering note highlighting the nature of the change
  • The AWSD.F.300A may also be used to record a change of address.
  • Fee of 70 Euro (Sept 2015)
  • NOTE: Glider may not be flown following a change of ownership until the new Certificate of Registration has been issued.

Initial Issue of Certificate of Airworthiness

New aircraft will require an acceptance check by an IGSA inspector, the work to be recorded on IGSA Form 200.

Used aircraft will require an annual check and CofA inspection, the work to be recorded on IGSA Form 200. A thorough examination of the aircraft log books and records is required to establish the aircraft’s history and to determine compliance with mandatory inspections or modifications.

New and Used Gliders will require an MPLA which must be approved by the IAA or an SDMP. Consult the IGSA for assistance with developing an MPLA or an SDMP.

The glider should be checked for compliance with all IGSA airworthiness requirements, including:

  • Colour coding of controls
  • Instrument presentation and calibration
  • Compass swing and deviation

The glider should be weighed on import and a Weight and Centre of Gravity Schedule produced in English. (The factory weighing report is acceptable for new aircraft).

The CofA paperwork should be forwarded to the IAA for processing.

The following documents are required:

  • IAA Form AWSD.F.104B
  • Weight and CofG schedule in English.
  • Export CofA issued within the previous 60 days or current CofA issued by the exporting country or EASA Form 52.
  • Aircraft imported from outside the EU will require an Export C of A in all cases.
  • Current Inspection fee.
  • Any other supporting documentation or reports.
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