National Ladder

 At the 2013 AGM of the IGSA, the decision was taken to use the OLC (specifically the OLC-plus Championship rules) as the basis for the National Ladder. This is on an experimental basis and applies until further notice.  Pilots are asked to upload their flights directly to the OLC henceforth and to aquaint themselves with the rules, which are slightly different to the previous ladder rules. Note in particular the 48 hour deadline to upload flights. The OLC has pretty comprehensive help, how to and FAQ sections and pilots should have few, if any, problems. If anyone does encounter a difficulty that cannot be resolved using those sections please contact me directly and I’ll see what can be done to assist.

Uploaded flights and results can be monitored at these links:

Current Season

2023 results

Kevin Houlihan. IGSA

Cross Country & Competition Coach.