A radio is not required but is strongly advised. It is necessary to have a radio to talk to Air Traffic Control.

8.33kHz Channel spacing

All radios need to be 8.33kHz compliant by 31st December 2017 and comes into force on 1st Jan 2019. However a derogation applies in Ireland allowing continued use of 25kHz radios until Jan 2024:

  • Irish Registered aircraft
  • Remain in un-controlled airspace (Class G) in Ireland
  • Any new or replacement radios must be 8.33kHz compliant
  • Derogation may be cancelled at some point in the future.

Flying in UK Airspace including Northern Ireland

From 1st Jan 2019, only 8.33kHz channels may be used. Common frequencies become:

  • 129.900 becomes 129.905
  • 129.975 becomes 129.980
  • 130.100 becomes 130.105
  • 130.125 becomes 130.130
  • 130.400 becomes 130.405

SeeĀ BGA Web site for more details


All radios must have a license issued by ComReg. The system is now entirely handled on line. Only radios that comply with ETSO/JTSO standards will be issued licenses. Some older crystal radios do not meet this standard.

Log on to the eLicensing website: to register, apply or modify a license.

Fees: 100 euro for a new license, 30 euro for amendments. (2018)