ARC Renewal

Renewing the Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC)

From March 2008, non-expiring Certificates of Airworthiness are issued by the IAA. Each year an Airworthiness Review Certificate will be issued on successful completion of the renewal process. The IGSA does not operate in the Controlled Environment; therefore ARCs cannot be extended but a new one is issued instead.

ARC Renewal process

  • An application for an ARC renewal can be made up to 90 days prior to the expiry of the current ARC
  • Procedure takes up to 4 weeks
  • Complete the Work Order in Form 112
  • An Inspector will be allocated to perform the maintenance and inspect the glider
  • Complete a From 200 noting any maintenance carried out for the C of A.
  • Included on the  Form 200 following any non-routine maintenance.
  • The Inspector will also issue the CRS in Form 200 (Certificate Release to Service)
  • An Inspector with an ARC rating will preform an Airworthiness Review and, if satisfied, will issue an ARC
  • If an SDMP is in use, the SDMP will be reviewed by the Airworthiness officer. Amendment may be required before the ARC can be signed.

The Form 200 Workpack and any other reports (weighing, repair etc)  must be added to the Glider’s Maintenance Files, The workpack should be given a unique number and this should be recorded in the logbook.

Full details of the procedures are available in the IGSA Airworthiness Procedures Briefing Note.

Changing the date of an ARC renewal

  • An ARC can be applied for at any time. The existing ARC will be cancelled and a new one issued with the new expiry date. Note, no refund of the fee or any portion thereof will be entertained.
  • Alternatively the renewal can be delayed following the expiry of an ARC. Naturally the aircraft must not be flown during this delay period.