The Irish Gliding and Soaring Association (IGSA) is the National Governing Body for Gliding in the Republic of Ireland. It manages gliding in conjunction with the Irish Aviation Authority. The IGSA is affiliated to NACI (National Aero Club of Ireland), EGU (European Gliding Union) and Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)through NACI.

The IGSA provides a number of services for Gliding in Ireland.


The IGSA was registered in 1994. Previously Irish Gliding has been regulated by the Irish Gliding Association (IGA). The IGSA is registered with the Companies Registration Office, Number 247232.


All glider pilots are Members of the IGSA. In addition each Gliding Club may affiliate with the IGSA and become Members.


At the AGM the Members elect a Council which is charged with running the affairs of the IGSA. The Council consists of a President, Vice-President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 2 ordinary Members. In addition each affiliated Gliding Club may nominate 2 Council Members and the current Chairman of the Instructors’ Panel is also nominated.


The IGSA received an EASA Part-M Subpart F (Maintenance Organisation) and Subpart-G (Continuing Airworthiness management) approval in March 2010. The approvals were IE.MF.109 (Subpart-F) and IE.MG.109 (Subpart-G) with Subpart-I – approval to issue Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARCs).

In Sept 2020, the IGSA was granted PART-CAO approval IE.CAO.109 (Combined Airworthiness Organisation). PART-CAO and PART-ML supersedes Part-M.


Apart from the Officers on the Council, the IGSA also appoints a Chief Technical Office (CTO) as the Maintenance Manager. The CTO is responsible for the implementation of Airworthiness Standards. A Badge officer is appointed to manage the issue of FAI Badges. The Council also nominated delegates to NACI, EGU and IGC. Since the reception of Part-CAO approvals, the IGSA also appoints an Accountable Manager and a Quality Monitor.

During International competitions, the IGSA will appoint a team Captain and pilots.

2023 Council Members

  • President: Peter Denman
  • Vice-President: Fran McLoughlin
  • Chairman: Kieran Commins
  • Secretary: Nick Shortt
  • Treasurer: Ian DeBri
  • Member: Dan Begley
  • Chair Instructors’ Committee: Peter Denman

2022 Officers

  • CTO: Ciaran Sinclair
  • Badge Officer: Bruno Ramseyer
  • NACI Delegates: Adrian Sweeney and Fran McLoughlin
  • EGU Delegate: Kieran Commins
  • IGC Delegate: Bruno Ramseyer, Alternate: Dan Begley
  • IGSA CAO Accountable Manger: Kieran Commins
  • IGSA CAO Maintenance Manager: Ciaran Sinclair
  • IGSA CAO Quality Monitor: Liam Keegan

Irish Gliding and Soaring Association Ltd

Registered in the Republic of Ireland (No: 247232)

Gorwan Grange Airfield, Punchestown, Naas, Co. Kildare